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New – “Walk With Me” newsletter. Steve Martin in Israel!

Written on 05/23/2020
Steve Martin

May 22, 2020

Come on! Walk with me…as we together traverse the world our Lord has beautifully created for our joy.

You’ll walk along with me as I meet new people, go to places I have never been before, and share the joy the Lord has given to many in the land of Israel, and more.

From days gone by…and new ones yet to come!

Ahava and shalom!

Steve Martin, Founder
Love For His People ministry Charlotte, NC USA

As the Lord gives me the opportunities to travel the world, I want to share His people, His creation, His joy with you. Enjoy these short adventures as I do.

Walk With Me – Israel, Mt. Carmel Monastery, Elijah overlooking Jezreel Valley- May 3, 2019 Love For His People videos

Watch here:

Videos filmed and shared by Steve Martin – to give appreciation to and love for those we support, through Love For His People, Inc.

More “Walk With Me” videos – over 350!

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