Love For His People


Written on 05/14/2022
Steve Martin


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THE SEND is a catalytic stadium experience with the purpose of activating believers to live a missional lifestyle by adopting and reaching real mission fields at home and abroad. In the midst of confusion, moral decline and church disengagement we see an opportunity for a whole generation of believers to arise who will have no disconnect between their belief and action—

Who instead of settling for a life of complacent Christianity will be activated into the message and action of Jesus. Our dream is for a historic prayer movement, the re-evangelization of America and a missions movement that would finish the task of world evangelization. Big vision always starts with small steps. That is why we are calling every believer into a real commitment unto real change. Every voice is needed and every YES counts. THE WAR ON INACTION HAS ONLY BEGUN.

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Mike Bickle - IHOPKC Leader (International House of Prayer Kansas City)