Love For His People

God's creation. What an amazing One He is!

Written on 05/11/2022
Steve Martin

Our Dachshund, Zoe, when she was praying!

May 11, 2022 Steve Martin, Love For His People in Charlotte, NC USA

What an amazing God He is! All the creatures and His creation, given for His enjoyment and ours. Thank You, Jesus (Yeshua). You are AMAZING!

The cows were in South Carolina on the back roads to Charleston, SC. The birds around our home in Charlotte, NC. The horses are in a NC pasture. And the cats? Wild ones who live under our shed in the backyard. Usually 3-4 each year.

(Photos by Steve Martin, except for the robin bird nest taken by my good wife, Laurie Martin. An up-and-coming photographer too! She is the one sitting on the rock by our neighborhood pond. A wonderful creation of our Father!)

Laura Jean Martin, aka Laurie Martin