Love For His People

Jerusalem, Israel photos on our latest Ahava Adventures to Israel - Steve Martin, Love For His People Ministry

Written on 09/18/2022
Steve Martin

Pidgeons and doves in a city fountain off Jaffa Street in Jerusalem.

Sept. 18, 2022, Charlotte, North Carolina USA.

Here are a few photos of the many hundreds I took Sept. 8-13, 2022, while on my 25th trip to Israel. I enjoy sharing these photos (and videos on our YouTube channel).

Thank You, Lord Yeshua, Messiah, for another time in the Land to share Your ahava (love) with the Jewish people. We will be back!

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin, Founder

Waiting for the train stop on Jaffa Street.
Walking to work...or school.
From the hair to the belly...all shapes and sizes in Jerusalem.
Catholic Church altar - Church of the Flagellation in the Old City.
Lions Gate (aka St. Stephen's Gate) - Old City of Jerusalem
Get there any way you can! Jaffa Gate, Old City
St. Anne's Catholic Church garden - Old City
A banner hanging in the hallway of Christian Freinds of Israel office in Jerusalem on Jaffa Street
A home wall in southern Jerusaelm
Steve and Laurie Martin, Co-Founders, Love For His People Ministry. Outside St. Anne's Church on the Old City of Jerusalem Sept. 13, 2022