Steve Martin on 03/04/2021

In Landmark Ruling, Israel’s Supreme Court Says Non-Orthodox Converts are Jews

03-02-2021 CBN News Jerusalem Emily JonesJERUSALEM, Israel – Israel’s highest court issued a landmark ruling on Monday deciding that Jews who convert to Judaism through the more liberal Reform and Conservative movements are Jews.Monday’s ruling was 15 years in the making and centers on the primary q

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Steve Martin on 03/01/2021

THE SECOND WIND | Jennifer Eivaz & Lana Vawser

March 1, 2021 Destiny Image 139K subscribersGet Lana’s Newest Book Here:​ Let’s get equipped in the supernatural. Hi, everyone My name is Jennifer Eivaz. I want to welcome you and just invite you to share this broadcast with your friends.

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Steve Martin on 02/24/2021

Hebrew Mobile Application inauguration

Feb. 24, 2021 Shalom Today Ministry 61 subscribersThe main purpose of this Channel is that to expose the false teaching and man-made traditions in the church. We are dedicated to seeking, teaching and living out the truth of the Word. Our purpose is to seek and bring the truth to all nations. We al

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Feb. 23, 2021 Destiny Image 137K subscribersFeeling this message again today strongly! The Lord’s really been speaking a word to me. Over the last couple of weeks that I’ve really kind of just been leaning into. And the Lord really spoke to me! – Lana Vawser

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Steve Martin on 02/20/2021

Israel in 4K | The Vine Studios

Feb. 20, 2021 The Vine Studios 30.8K subscribers Journey with The Vine Studios through Israel. Join us on a video tour of some of the amazing sights of the Holy Land on our trip to Israel, including unique aerial views from our drone. © The Vine Studios, all rights reserved. Also check out what it’s

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Steve Martin on 02/18/2021

Biden, Netanyahu Discuss Iran, Peace Efforts in First Official Call

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds first official call with President Joe Biden. Feb 17, 2021.02-18-2021 CBN News Jerusalem Emily JonesJERUSALEM, Israel – US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke by phone on Wednesday, marking the first official conversation be

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